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New Jersey Medicare Brokers goal is to help you choose the Medicare health insurance plan that protects your healthcare and financial needs.  While looking through the 1,000+ Medicare plan combinations, you may feel overwhelmed with information. It can even be hard to understand which plans are available in New Jersey and then whichever county that you live in. Rather than throw your hands in the air, call us to help!  There is no charge to work with us and Medicare is all we do!


With so many Medicare plan options in New Jersey and millions of eligible individuals, it is important to have a Medicare broker who you can meet with to help you through the process of choosing the right coverage.


You can contact us any time with questions, but some important times to speak with an agent include,


  1. When you or your spouse are turning 65. You can start planning 3 months before your birthday month.
  2. You or your spouse are retiring and you have coverage through the employer.
  3. Every year between the Medicare Open Enrollment, October 15th - December 7th, to review the upcoming years plan options in your county.
  4. You would like to apply for NJ State assistance to help with medication costs, NJ PAAD or Senior Gold.


We work with top-rated carriers in New Jersey and help over 1,000 clients shop the Medicare market to find the plan that makes sense for their needs. We will listen to your unique situation and help you find the plan which best covers your specific medications, the doctors you see, at a monthly cost which is affordable.  


Once enrolled in a Medicare plan through us, we will be your broker as you continue on Medicare throughout the years.  We are a resource for any Medicare questions you may have and every year during Open Enrollment (beginning October 15th thru December 7th) you will receive a review of your coverage. Prescription drug and Medicare Advantage plans change annually, as do the medications you’re prescribed and the doctors you see, so it is important to review your plan and ensure your needs are met at the most affordable cost.


What Is a Medicare Broker?


A Medicare insurance broker is an independent agent. They provide unbiased opinions of the insurance plans available to you. They are compensated by the plan which you enroll in and there is little to no difference in the commission they receive from the various insurance companies.  Each broker must take annual certification tests with each carrier they represent and the American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification. Medicare brokers do not work for the federal government and are not endorsed by Medicare.


Is there a New Jersey Medicare Broker Near Me?

We work exclusively in New Jersey and can help you no matter which part of the Garden State you live in.  There is never a charge to meet with us!


Contact us today! We look forward to helping you with this important decision.


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