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Our team at New Jersey Medicare Brokers is here to help you choose the Medicare insurance coverage that is best for you. We listen to your unique situation, educate you on the Medicare process, and help you find the plan which best covers your specific medications and the doctors you see at a monthly cost affordable to you.

With so many Medicare plan options in New Jersey, it is important to have a Medicare Broker who you can help you through the process of choosing the right coverage.


What Is a Medicare Broker?

  • An intermediary between you and the insurance company who reviews your unique health and financial profile to recommend the best plans for you, based on your needs and location.
  • A trained professional, licensed by the State of New Jersey required to pass annual certification tests with each carrier they represent and the American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification.
  • Medicare Brokers are compensated by the insurance companies and there is NO charge to work with a Broker.
  • Medicare Brokers DO NOT work for the federal government and are not endorsed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


Why Should You Work with New Jersey Medicare Brokers?

We work with top-rated carriers in New Jersey and help thousands of clients shop the Medicare market to find the plan that makes sense for their needs. After you enroll in a plan through us, you become a valued client who we stay in touch with throughout the year via mailings and our monthly email newsletter. We also assist with applications to the State of New Jersey’s medication assistance programs, NJ PAAD and Senior Gold.


What is a Medicare Plan Review?

Every year in October we offer a Medicare Plan Review during the Annual Election Period (AEP) which begins October 15th and runs thru December 7th. This is a time where we review the plans available in your county and make sure you are enrolled in the best plan for you. Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) and Prescription Drug plans (Part D) change annually, as do the medications you’re prescribed and the doctors you see, so it is important to review your plan and ensure your needs are met at the most affordable cost.


Is there a New Jersey Medicare Broker Near Me?

We work exclusively in New Jersey and can help you no matter which part of the Garden State you live in.  There is never a charge to meet with us!


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