Medicare in New Jersey

Medicare in New Jersey

Medicare is an insurance program typically offered to those 65 years of age and older; however, if you are deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration and receive SSI or SSDI, you likely also qualify for Medicare benefits even if you’re under the age of 65. Medicare in New Jersey is open to all legal residents of the U.S. and those with permanent resident status of at least five years.

Medicare options by County

The options available for individuals on Medicare in New Jersey vary based on the county you live in.   Medicare itself is a national program, however Medicare Advantage companies determine which plans they want to offer in which counties throughout the state of New Jersey .   Prescription drug plans and Medicare Supplement plans are on a state by state basis so all residents of NJ will have the same options for these plans.

New Jersey Medicare Specifics

NJ has over 1,500,000 people enrolled in Medicare, but healthcare circumstance is different which is why there are so many options available.  For those on a limited income offers a program to help pay for prescription drug costs called NJ PAAD and Senior Gold and is only available to New Jersey residents.

NJ Medicare Brokers Can Help

The options available to you in your specific county can be confusing.  If you’re having trouble navigating the ins and outs of Medicare by yourself and need some questions answered, the brokers here are more than happy to help educate you on the features and benefits of plan options available and will be a resource to you throughout the year.

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