NJ PAAD and Senior Gold

NJ PAAD and Senior Gold for Additional Assistance

When you turn 65 and are enrolled in Medicare, it is important to understand that sometimes, it is not unusual to still need some Medicare help. Prescription copays can still be very high. New Jersey Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled Program (PAAD for short) and Senior Gold are two programs that can help you if you are a NJ resident with a limited income.

What Are NJ PAAD and Senior Gold?

These two programs exist to assist Medicare recipients in New Jersey with the cost associated with a Part D plan.  

NJ PAAD assists in prescription costs, co-pays, and the monthly premium for specific Medicare Part D plans.  PAAD recipients won’t pay more than $5 for generic drugs and $7 for brand name drugs.

Senior Gold gives a discounts on any medication with a copay higher than $15.

How Do I Qualify?

NJ PAAD and Senior Gold are very similar forms of Medicare help, but they do each have slightly different qualifications that you must meet. ASSETS DO NOT COUNT IN QUALIFYING FOR EITHER PROGRAM!

NJ PAAD is designed to assist seniors with a lower income than Senior Gold recipients, and it shares all the same requirements as Senior Gold except your income:

  1. Your annual income, if single, must be less than $28,769, and if married, less than $35,270.
  2. You must have been enrolled in Medicare Part D (the state will pay for certain Part D plans)
  3. You are enrolled in Medicare
  4. You are not enrolled in Medicaid.

Senior Gold helps citizens pay for up to half the out-of-pocket costs of prescriptions. To enroll in this program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Your annual income, if single, must be between $28,769 and $38,769, and if married, $35,270 and $45,270.

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